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My journey into yoga


I started practicing yoga in 2010 when I was living in Canada. I loved the practice right from that first class I took and continued practicing yoga regularly since then. 


I did my teacher training on 2016 with Rae Indigo as well as some specialization modules afterwards:

200-hours Vinyasa Krama Teacher training

300-hours training, comprising:

75-hours Vital Force Awakening

75-hours Therapeutic Art of Adjustments

75-hours The Awakened Mind

75-hours The Awakened Path

I also completed the Acroyoga Montréal teacher training, level 1 in 2019 and level 2 in 2022; as well as the Acro Mastermind teacher training in 2022, and the Acrofusion training in 2023.

I have attended as well several yoga and acroyoga workshops and retreats with teachers from all over the world. I continue expanding my practice, always learning  and happy to share it with other people.

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